Spend a Day Exploring Civic Space Park

August 17, 2017 8:00 am

Civic Space Park is a unique public space located on North Central Avenue in Phoenix. More than just a sustainable green space, it's a place where the city’s residents can enjoy art, hold meetings, and take part in numerous social events.

One of the most interesting aspects of Civic Space Park is the Janet Echelman art installation that towers over it. Called “Her Secret is Patience,” it is a cosmic, tornado-shaped structure that is an incredible presence, especially in the night sky. The artistic aspect of the park doesn’t end there, though. Inside you’ll find the A.E. England Building Gallery, which showcases pieces from local talents. There’s also plenty of space outside for events like the Wednesday Wind Up, when food, music, art, and games all converge on the park to provide a fun midweek break. When you need a caffeine boost, be sure to stop by the Fair Trade Cafe for certified fair trade coffee as well as other baked goods, breakfast items, and sandwiches. With so much to offer, you have plenty of reasons to visit this local park.

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Don’t Miss the Views from Camelback Mountain

August 10, 2017 7:00 am

Camelback Mountain is a peak, made largely of hard granite, that offers some great views and unique places to hike. Its where Echo Canyon Trailhead sits, but you can also begin your hike from the Cholla Trailhead at the other end of the mountain range.

Camelback Mountain boasts a reputation that reaches far beyond the confines of Phoenix. It has landed on many national lists of the best places to hike in the country thanks to its challenging, rugged trails. Only avid hikers should attempt to scale the mountain, as they'll be coming up against steep inclines and a desert climate. However, when you make it to the top of the Camelback Mountain Summit, all of your hard work will be worth it. The view is stunning.

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Visit Piestewa Peak for Stunning Views of Arizona

August 2, 2017 8:00 am

One of the most beautiful natural places in the area to take in stunning views of Arizona is perhaps Piestewa Peak. The park is known for being an ideal spot to hike—it’s visited by more than a half-million hikers every year who take in views of both Scottsdale and Phoenix. There are a number of variations of the hike that guests of the peak can do: guests can choose to only take part in the lower portions of the hike (which don’t involve much of an incline) or they can choose to make their way up the incline with an elevation gain of about 1,200 feet.

The challenging hike is conveniently located between Phoenix and Scottsdale, which makes it an easy spot for visitors and residents to check out. The Peak is only five miles away from Citi on Camelback, so check out this beautiful area this summer!

Public Domain/Pixabay/hongmyeon

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